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Easy Wedding Cake Cupcakes

What do you do when a friend calls you and says, “Hey, you bake. My sister has a friend who needs 150 cupcakes for her last-minute wedding next weekend. Can you do it?”

First, you tell her you can do it. Second, after you hang up, you remember you’ve never done an order that large before and haven’t tried wedding cake flavors yet. Panic mode baking occasionally

produces my best result.

The flavor of ‘Wedding Cake’ often refers to an almond flavored cake. I know there are ‘wedding cake’ flavorings out there, but almond is a flavoring that’s readily available, so why complicate things?

This recipe has a few steps that seem odd. If I was a scientist, I could explain the reasons for the order of adding ingredients and creating the batter. I can’t explain all that, but I can tell you it works.

Give this recipe a try. If raspberry filling isn’t your thing, use another flavor. After the wedding order I made these for my mom and used orange marmalade preserves and she loved them!

Keep baking, keep trying, and let me know how these turn out!



wedding cake cupcake recipe
Download PDF • 350KB

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