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Meet Aunt Lora

Hi, I’m Lora. In addition to all the joys and challenges that come with being a mom, wife, teacher, aunt, and friend, I am also a self-proclaimed home baker. During my journey in baking I discovered that I truly love the challenge baking presents. Why are some recipes unbelievably wonderful while others were an utter disaster? That’s where the teacher in me was intrigued. 


Baking was the easy part. But as my house filled with all sorts of heavenly treats and my jeans got tighter, I had to find ways to get my cakes, cookies, bars, and cupcakes out into the world. I got the word out in my neighborhood that free bakes were available. Immediately people were asking me if I had business cards and what my menu was. Before I knew what was happening I was taking orders for birthdays, graduations parties, baby and wedding showers.


Bazinga! Like a lightning bolt from heaven it hit me. I knew what my next step had to be. I wanted to do for young bakers and their families what Christina Tosi of Milk Bar Store had done for thousands of bakers during quarantine. As an elementary teacher, I want to bring Christina’s (I use her first name like we are friends) Bake Club style baking show to young bakers and their families. I want to help families have fun together the kitchen and walk away with something to share. 

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